MERN Stack Training in Bay Area, California

The MERN stack is an open source JavaScript framework used for the development of robust web applications. It is a combination of four major components, MongoDB, React, Node.js and Express.js. All the components of MERN offers end-to-end assistance for building single page web applications. It also supports MVC architecture which further simplifies the entire development process. As MERN Stack covers both client-side and server-side technologies, it requires extensive learning to ace this field.
SynergisticIT provides a comprehensive learning path for the aspiring MERN Stack developers. Through our MERN Stack training course you will learn to develop, test, deploy and secure code for data-driven applications. This training is an ideal way to fully grasp the concepts of MERN stack and create a stable career in web development.

Why Learn MERN Stack?

MERN is a modified & updated version of MEAN stack, the only factor which differentiates the former from the latter is that MERN uses React while MEAN uses Angular to create front-end applications. Companies use MERN stack to create premium-quality web pages. MERN is steady growing in terms of usage and popularity as it streamlines web development.
Get familiar with the 4 components of MERN:

  • MongoDB: Document- oriented database which is flexible and easy to scale.

  • Express.js: It makes easier for developers to write codes.

  • React.js: A frontend JavaScript library helps to create interactive user interfaces.

  • Node.js: A cross-platform JavaScript runtime that builds scalable network applications and execute JS codes outside of a browser.

Here are the benefits of learning MERN Stack:

  • MERN includes everything that needs for client-side and server-side development.
  • It supports (MVC) Model View Controller.
  • MERN is compatible with top technologies of MongoDB, React, Node.js and Express.js.
  • Each code of MERN Stack is written in JavaScript, which is used everywhere, thus MERN Stack developers does not have to switch context even across tiers.
  • You don’t need to learn multiple programming languages to be a MERN Stack developer, just become proficient in JSON & JavaScript.
  • MERN Stack has surpassed other development frameworks like LAMP & J2EE.
  • MERN helps to develop high performance and top-quality applications.

Skills you Acquire in MERN Stack Training

We provide the best MERN Stack Training in bay area, California. Our objective is to strengthen your coding and development skills. Under the guidance of our trained instructors, you get a better understanding of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js within a period of 3 to 4 months. After completing MERN training with us, you can commence a solid career as a web developer.
The curriculum of our MERN Stack training session is well-structed including all the web development essential from backend to frontend frameworks. We not only provide theoretical knowledge, but also help you develop practical skills with real-time industry experience on web app development.

Following is the list of topics covered in MERN Stack Course Training

  • Basic JavaScript & advanced topics

  • Basic HTML

  • JavaScript Core

  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOPs concept)

  • High Order Function

  • Projects

  • Forms


  • ES6, ES7 and ES8

  • Node.js - Environment and Setup

  • Express.js - Detailed with Restful API's

  • MongoDB using Mongoose – Detailed

  • Webpack - Web Application Setup Detailed

  • Bootstrap Basics

  • React - In Depth and Detailed

    1. React Router
    2. React.js Basics
    3. JSX
    4. SPA Architecture
    5. Miscellaneous topics in React
    6. React Hooks
  • Redux – Detailed

    1. Redux-Thunk
    2. Promise Middleware
    3. React – Redux
  • Lifecyle and class component

  • State & Props

  • JWT

  • Socket

  • Encoding and Decoding

Who can take MERN Stack Training in California?

Our MERN Stack training is not designed for a particular group. Anyone who strives to form a career in web development can pursue this training. Moreover, there are no specific prerequisites to enroll in MERN Stack training. Our trainers will teach you from scratch and transform you into a professional developer. If you have the zeal to create innovative and dynamic web applications, this training is the best-pick for you.

Why Choose US?

After getting certified in MERN Stack Training, you can expect yourself to secure a higher position in the job market. Our trainers go above and beyond to make you competent in MERN Stack. They allot some assignments soon after the completion of each topic to brush up the development skills of students throughout the MERN Stack Training session.
We do not provide surface level education, rather we dig-deep and believe in building a stronger foundation that helps students in a long-run. SynergisticIT trainers give examples of real-world case study to ease the learning process for students. The curriculum of our MERN Stack training is based on the best practices and latest skills required to be a web developer. Post-training, we also assist our candidates in finding a suitable job with their newly acquired skills-set.

Below are some reasons to choose our MERN Stack Training:

  • Seize high-quality content created by our industry experts
  • 24*7 support and assistance from experience MERN Stack trainers.
  • Get career coaching through industry-aligned training course content.
  • Get flexible and cost-effective learning.
  • You will obtain a complete guidance on web development using MERN Stack framework.

Level up your coding skills and gain some real-world experience in web development by taking our MERN Stack Training session. Become a pro in developing dynamic modern application in just few months. Join thousands of MERN Stack learners at SynergisticIT-The Best Programmers in the Bay area…Period!