Q. I’m looking for a job – can SynergisticIT help me?
A. Yes. SynergisticIT places people in three ways: direct placement, Training and then placement and Fast track training and placement
Q. I do not want training. Can Synergisticit directly place me on a project?
A. We would take a technical interview and coding assessment of Yours if you do great in the technical Interview we can directly place you. Remember We have to ensure our Clients get technically qualified candidates so that is why we do Technical evaluation to ensure Quality of candidates.
Q. In what types of jobs does SynergisticIT specialize?
A. We Specialize in working with clients who have ongoing need for Java J2EE candidates and Java Full stack / Mean Stack/Mern Stack developers /Big Data (Hadoop, Spark ) Data Science and Cloud Programmers (AWS and Azure)
Q. What kind of background or skills do I need in order to get placed or trained with SynergisticIT? A. You would need to have a M.S. or B.S. in Computer Science /Information Systems or a similar degree. If You have prior programming experience in School or College or in any previous project You would be given preference.
Q. I am an OPT candidate? Why should I Join Synergisticit?
A. OPT Students have to maintain their work status to stay in the USA by finding a job in their field of study. Synergisticit can help OPT candidates get technically competent to ensure that they are employed at good technology clients. We have helped hundreds of OPT candidates find suitable employment and maintain their work authorization by providing them the technical skills which give them a competitive advantage over other candidates in the job market.
Important thing for OPT students is to ensure they don’t keep giving interviews without having the right technical skills. In that situation they are wasting time, putting their work authorization at risk and also losing money as every day they are without a job they are losing money.
On an average a candidate who is without a job for a month loses almost $7000 every month. We advise candidates to be honest with themselves and prepare themselves well technically before appearing for interviews. Big clients like Google etc have blocks so once you interview you cannot appear for an interview for 6 months to 1 year so prepare well and ace interviews. Synergisticit has helped hundreds of our candidates ace interviews which other candidates feel are tough to crack.
Q. What companies or types of companies does SynergisticIT Systems work with?
A. Our candidates are working at Fortune 500, mid-market, and emerging companies. We have our candidates working at Wells Fargo, American express, Ebay, Paypal, Google, Cisco Systems, Apple and other clients spread all over USA.
Q. What is different about Synergisticit? Why Candidates join Synergisticit?
o We believe that knowledge is power and if you have knowledge you would be continuously be able to get 1 job after another if you have the right skills and knowledge. We provide practical project-based knowledge which just theoretical Knowledge cannot match.
We have been in business for almost 10 years and in these 10 years we have helped more than 1000 + candidates achieve their dreams of making a successful career in the Information Technology Industry.
Most of the clients in the Industry already know that Synergisticit has great Candidates. Our reputation precedes our name. For ex : recently couple of our candidates were being called for interviews at Google and the recruiter told them that “the reason we chose you from hundreds of other candidates is because we already have had great success with Synergisticit candidates” . Another instance was one of our candidates getting a job at Paypal and another candidate who got into the job market getting hired by Paypal in 2 days as they already had our earlier candidate doing a wonderful job. There are numerous success stories which are told to us by candidates when they walk into interviews.
Comparing us with Bootcamps or Consulting companies which market candidates is a insult to us. We take ownership of candidates . An average bootcamp has a dropout rate of 20% and the jobs being achieved by bootcamp candidates are not the greatest. Our average candidate after working with us secures a job in the range of $75-120k or $40-57$hr based on how hard they work on projects with us.
Our candidates after working with us get multiple job offers within 2-6 weeks of them going into the job market
No contractual obligation to work for any consulting company just to maintain your work status if you are an OPT or CPT or even a GC or US citizen looking to find a job. Get paid the compensation which you deserve and don’t let consulting companies keep your earnings. Don’t just try to survive..in the competitive tech job market… thrive
o We administer as many as 5-7 globally benchmarked evaluation tests to monitor and bench march your technical skills progression against the developers in the rest of the world. These are not in-house tests but are administered by an independent third party at a cost to us. Topics covered in the tests are Core Java, Entry level Java,Spring,J2EE, Pl/sql, Hibernate, JSP servlets, AWS, Data Science, data structures algorithms etc.
Once you are done working with us you should not be needing to search another job for at least 3-4 years as we will make you enough competent technically that Tech companies will compete with each other to hire you
o We do not encourage proxy interviews and instead believe in empowering our candidate to crack interviews on their own. Please see point 1 .
o Synergisticit would never ask you to change your resume or add fake experience to your resume or have someone else take your interview.
o After the training we offer an option to get our candidates certified in Java from Oracle University or AWS certification at a cost to us.
o We also give tips on personality development and communication skills which are essential to performing well in interviews and at client sites.
o We provide support for the whole duration of the project till the time you are with our partners on a project at no cost.
o We ensure that you are placed at a reputed clients like Apple, Google, Cisco Systems Ebay, Paypal and not just any small client which might risk the stability of employment and on long-term projects.
o We in certain cases might provide subsidized accommodation and stipend to outstation OPT CPT candidates.
o If some candidates are working through us directly at clients We may provide H1b/GC filing option to our candidates who are working on projects through us and use reputed law firms to do the filing, extensions, change of status etc. We are also E-verified.
o We have a 24/7 accessible computer lab and our premises are monitored by CCTV’s for security.
o We are proud to have one of the best libraries of books pertaining to Java / J2EE, Full stack, data science, Big data, AWS, Azure, Meanstack with more than 1000 + books.
o We have small batches of 4-7 candidates and offer personalized attention. We regularly have students and candidates who take training from other firms then later on joining us after couple of months and noticing the difference and commenting on the quality of the overall process which we have.
o We and our marketing partners in certain cases might cover all relocation and travel expenses when a candidate relocates to a client site and when they relocate to our site.
o We are looking for quality candidates who want to make a career in full stack programming, Data Science, Java, J2EE and AWS. We specialize in Java, Cloud (AWS/Azure), Big data and data science and have a constant demand for quality candidates from our clients.
o We have classes for 4-5 hours every day on weekdays and provide assignments projects etc. which easily keeps you engaged for 8-10 hours every day. We never said it was easy to achieve success.
o We may offer competitive salaries and also % option after completion of a specific tenure to candidates who we select for working at our clients directly
Q. Would Synergisticit assist me if I have technical questions or problems while I am on a project?
A. Yes, for the duration you are working with us at one of our clients you would be provided remote assistance in understanding the project and the code.
Q. When on assignment, who is my employer?
A. SynergisticIT’s marketing partners would be your employer or otherwise if you source a full time job or a contract job after training then the respective employer would be the one offering you the job.
Q. Does it cost me anything to work with SynergisticIT?
A. If you are technically skilled and ready for our clients you don’t need to pay anything as its a win win situation as we are getting a readymade resource. In many instances as we want to ensure that we only present good technical candidates to our clients we would need to bring a candidate’s skills up to the level of client expectations . If training is needed then it will be at a cost ( it is split in such a way that a certain portion is given to us before the commencement of training and the rest is given to us once a candidate secures a job and is capable to pay us ). In certain cases if we place you at an assignment on our own W2, we can offer a salary and waive the training cost if you complete a certain tenure with us which is normally 18 months
The Clients our candidates are working with
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