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Question: Which of the following classes will you use to generate random int values from multiple threads without degrading performance?

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Question: Which of the following are required to construct a Locale?

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Question: java.util.Locale allows you to do which of the following?

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Assume the following declarations:

class A{ }


 class B extends A{ }

class C extends B{ }

class X{

 B getB(){ return new B(); }


class Y extends X{

  //method declaration here


Which of the following methods can be inserted in class Y?

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In Java, Strings are immutable. A direct implication of this is...

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You are working on an application that is NOT structured as a modular application. However, you need to use a third party library that is packaged as a modular jar:-

named abc.utils.jar in your application.

Given that you launch your application using a class named Main, which of the following options should be used to make sure your application is able to access the

classes in the third party jar.

(Assume that abc.utils.jar and your application classes are in current directory.)

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