Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the most popular public cloud computing platforms. It provides more than 100 cloud services to companies for different purposes, such as security, management, advanced computation, storage, databases, & others. Having the lion’s share in the cloud market, AWS leads the pack amongst Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM, Google Cloud, and many other cloud platforms. Since several large-scale companies are spending million dollars on adopting AWS cloud platform, it has accelerated the demand for certified AWS professionals. Anyone who wants to be a certified AWS developer must take an AWS Certification training.

Why you should take our AWS Test?

  • Since AWS is a vast concept, it is not feasible to master each of its architectural principles and services. For this reason, we have designed a free AWS test for the candidates to practice and reaffirm their expertise in Amazon Web Services.

  • The AWS test is for free and enables you to check your understanding of AWS core concepts. It not only gives you clarity on AWS competency but also provides a true insight of AWS cloud platform.

  • The test is intended to help candidates in identifying their strengths & shortcomings in Amazon Web Services. Are you proficient in AWS Cloud Computing? Test your knowledge with this AWS free online test.