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The best programmers in the bay area.... Period!

About Company

At SynergisticIT, we're all about making connections. Whatever IT goals you have, our software programmers can help achieve those. Our Software development teams can take up turnkey projects and execute them in an effective and efficient manner. IF you are looking to source talent our recruiters will find the ideal IT talent for your company. What's the secret to our success? Well, it all starts with taking quality time to listen to each client's specific needs. After we have a thorough grasp of your IT goals, we can better customize our Developments as per your specific needs. We can also tailor make recruiting programs to exceed your expectations. Since our founding in 2010, SynergisticIT's strategies have earned the company an enviable position in the software development, IT staffing and IT skill enhancement fields. SynergisticIT continues to work with hundreds of satisfied American clients with our software programmers working on our projects and after gaining hands on experience on cutting edge technologies moveing to contribute their skills to great clients like Apple, Google, Intel, Ebay,Paypal, Kroger, the Walt Disney Company and hundreds more. If you are tired of working with inefficient programmers who take a lot of time to ramp up we want you to try us. Our software programmers can hit the ground running and get you the maximum return on your investment. You have already tried the rest its time you tried the best. Synergisticit The best Programmers in the bay area...Period!

Why Us ?

Synergistic IT has a proven track record of successfully skill enhancement and staffing IT employees for some of the world's most iconic brands. Our team takes the time to fully understand every client's needs so we could best meet your IT staffing requirements. The knowledgeable staff at SynergisticIT is always more than happy to work with clients to ensure they reach their software development goals. Besides staffing, SynergisticIT is also committed to helping young IT professionals advance their career with a robust upskill program. Everyone who goes through SynergisticIT's program learns all the skills necessary to succeed in many IT fields ranging from Java to Machine Learning. Additionally, everyone trained at SynergisticIT has been through extensive mock interview screenings to bolster their career prospects. Last, but certainly not least, SynergisticIT takes great care to respect the privacy considerations for every client. All companies who work with SynergisticIT can rest assured their confidential data is protected using the most up-to-date encryption technologies. SynergisticIT also complies with all the latest NDA agreements.

What We Do ?

SynergisticIT's three major areas of business include the following:
IT skill enhancement
IT staffing
Software development

In terms of education, SynergisticIT focuses heavily on mentoring and upskilling candidates the intricacies of Java. A few specific areas SynergisticIT's teachers have earned great respect include J2EE, AWS, and Big Data technologies. Thanks to SynergisticIT's smaller class sizes, each candidate gets the quality attentions he deserves during their seminars. Not only do our candidates gain experience using their coding skills in real-world scenarios, but they also learn essential interviewing skills to help them further their careers.
Thanks to our skilled IT talent pool, SynergisticIT plays a major role in the IT recruitment and staffing fields. No matter what problem you're facing, our staff will supply you with the necessary IT manpower. We are also well equipped to help clients who are struggling with software development issues.
While SynergisticIT has experience working with large multinational corporations, we also love to help small startups grow their businesses with technical competency. No matter what your field or how big your company is, you can expect great results working with SynergisticIT.

Make it work, make it right, make it fast

Kent Beck

How We Work ?

SynergisticIT wants every client and candidate to know we're always here to support your efforts. Indeed, engagement is a priority for all SynergisticIT employees. No matter what issue you're facing, you can always count on a member of SynergisticIT to be there for you.
Another core aspect of SynergisticIT's engagement model has to do with flexibility. After all, what's the good of understanding your IT goals if we can't offer actionable solutions? SynergisticIT meets these unique challenges by offering as many hiring options as possible. In some cases, SynergisticIT even offers stipends and different tuition payment options for OPT candidates. This enhanced choice gives our clients and candidates a greater sense of control over their respective IT destinies.
Our staff also goes above and beyond to protect every client's sensitive data. We highly value the trust companies place in SynergisticIT and spare no expense when it comes to protecting that digital information. This commitment to confidentiality builds a great sense of cooperation between SynergisticIT and clients.

Our Mission

SynergisticIT's main mission is simple: create successful partnerships within the IT industry. Our hope is the "synergy" we help create has a positive impact on both the careers of our IT employees and the growth of each client's business.
Unfortunately, it's far too easy for the "human touch" to get lost in the competitive IT recruiting industry. IT is such a technically demanding field that many boot camps are only concerned with churning out good numbers. At SynergisticIT, however, we never forget that it takes great people to produce great programming. For this reason, SynergisticIT is proudly people-centric. This means we take the time to listen to the needs of our clients and candidates fully and provide both with the tools they need to achieve their goals. The tech industry is always on the lookout for skilled professionals. We match their needs by providing a stellar skillset to our candidates, to make sure they will be ready to perform from day one!.
The expert staff at SynergisticIT does not subscribe to the cookie cutter model of IT staffing. We know that every company and candidate has unique challenges that require personalized care. Our commitment to helping the people rather than the program has made us a major force in the modern IT industry.

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