Java Training in the Bay Area California

Best Java Training in the Bay Area California

Learn industry best practices from experienced professionals.

Secure credible job opportunities with higher paychecks.

Build scalable, portable & high-performance Java applications.

Master the concepts of OOP, Java-based Webservices, Spring Boot & Hibernate framework.

Reap the benefits of 100% career-oriented training

Invest in your future and upscale your career today.

Why Learn Java ?

Despite its industry age, Java continues to remain persistent as the most popular programming language. Currently, it runs on 125 million TV devices, 1 billion computers, and 3 billion mobile phones, around the world.
Java has become invisible in the technical domain due its adaptable features like object-oriented, concurrent, multithreaded, secure, & platform independent. It is used in several real-world applications ranging from embedded systems, web servers, big data technologies, to scientific applications, GUI development, and financial applications.
The average salary of Java Developers in US is relatively more as compared to the developers of other programming languages. At present, there are more than 30,000 job opportunities available for the Java developers paying above $100K per year.

By learning a versatile language like Java, you can stand out in the cut-throat competition and build a stable career. It is easy to use, write, debug, and compile in Java which further cut-down the learning time. So, consider joining the best Java Bootcamp in Bay Area.

Benefits of our Java Training

We provide the best Java training in bay area, California which is tailored to transform beginners into advanced coders. Our fast-paced curriculum and project-based learning approach prepares you in the core concepts of Java in just 3 to 4 months. Here are some perks of enrolling in an online Java Bootcamp like SynergisticIT:

You get end-to-end assistance in Java from fundamental techniques to advanced-level programming skills.

Our Java training is based on (OOP) object-oriented programming paradigm which enable beginners to create reusable codes and modular programs, thus simplifies the process of programming.

Post completion of your Java training, you can build a career in different industries like finance, e-commerce, healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc.

We are empathetic towards our students and encourage them at every step of learning.

The Java programming skills we teach are effective and acquaint students with the latest industry trends.

Our students get the benefit of seeing the practical application of Java and learns how to implement them in real-world projects.

By the end of this Java training in Bay Area, you will have a complete understanding of Java and be able to build your own Java applications.

Leverage the best Java Training in California

If you strive to immerse in coding and become a Java pro, then you should reach out to SynergisticIT. We being industry experts provide the best Java training in Bay Area. Our agile training methods has helped thousands of students in pursuing a successful career in Java.
We help you learn Java online from the comfort of your home. Our team equips you with the latest trends and acts as hands on guide for building enterprise applications, network protocols and technology components on Java Platform. Through our guidance you can form a solid foundation in coding & programming.
Our program covers extensive skills including Java syntax, Object Oriented Programming and advanced technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Design patterns, JQuery, Spring Boot, Microservices, Pl/SQL, REST webservices, J2EE, JavaScript, database management, Agile/Scrum methodology, data structures & algorithms.


Java is one of the top-paying programming languages that helps you secure various jobs in the leading software development companies such as Accenture, Oracle, IBM, etc.
Our program offers an array of career advancement opportunities from entry-level to senior level positions like Java Architect, Database Administrator, Java Developer, Web Developer, Java Programmers, Android Developer, SQL Analyst Developer, Software Engineer, and others.

Curriculum of our Java Training Program

SynergisticIT’s Java training is an ideal choice for aspiring web developers, programming enthusiasts, software developers, engineering or CS students who wish to enrich their Java knowledge. This program teaches from scratch and requires no previous coding experience for learners. Our seasoned tutors introduce you to the core Java programming language and its related technologies to help you create portable, & high-performance applications. We have carefully designed the curriculum of this online Java training to cover all the major concepts as given below:

Introduction to Java & Oops

  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstractions
  • Interface vs Abstract Classes
  • Access Modifiers
  • Synchronization vs Concurrency
  • Java 8 Features
  • foreach
  • Stream functions
  • Parallel streams
  • Default Functions
  • Functional Interfaces and Lambda expressions
  • Exception Handling
  • Error vs Exception
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Throwable Class
  • throw and throws
  • try, catch and finally blocks
  • try block with resources
  • Multi-Threading
  • What and Why?
  • Executorservice
  • Producer Consumer Problem
  • Wait vs Sleep
  • Yield vs Join
  • Inter Thread Communication
  • Ways to create Threads
  • Runnable vs Callable
  • Semaphores
  • Object level vs Class level locking
  • Synchronized keyword and blocks
  • File handling - IO operations
  • Design Patterns
  • Creational
  • Structural
  • Behavioural
  • Classpath and types
  • Heap vs Stack Memory
  • String handling
  • String
  • StringBuffer
  • StringBuilder
  • Primitive Data Types & Wrapper Classes
  • Collection Framework
  • Map Interface
  • Reflection


  • Web Application Technologies
  • Servlet API
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Web Container Architecture
  • Deploying a Web Application
  • Configuring & Mapping Servlet Definition
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • Request Dispatching
  • ServletConfig API
  • Working with JDBC in Servlet
  • Connection Pooling
  • ServletContext API
  • Http & Session Management
  • Session API
  • Using Cookies for Session Management
  • Cookie API
  • URL Rewriting
  • Listeners in Servlet
  • Applying Filters


  • JSP Technology
  • JSP Page Processing
  • JSP Scripting Elements
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • Page Directive
  • Expression Language


  • Selectors
  • Advance Selectors & Filters
  • JQuery Events & Function
  • Ajax in JQuery
  • JQuery UI & DataTable


  • Layer Architecture
  • Introduction of Hibernate
  • Hibernate Architecture & Configuration
  • ORM with Hibernate
  • Mapping Strategy
  • Hibernate Association
  • HQL
  • Cache Management


  • Introduction to Spring
  • Features of Spring
  • Spring Architecture
  • Spring IOC Containers
  • MVC
  • Spring Bean Wiring
  • Introduction to Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Annotations
  • Spring Boot Form Tags
  • Spring Validation
  • Handling Static Resources
  • SPEL
  • Spring Interceptors
  • Internationalization
  • Hibernate with Spring
  • JDBC Template
  • JPA Repository
  • AOP in Spring
  • REST Implementation in Spring
  • REST Template
  • Working with JSON
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Security Tags


  • Running Microservices
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous communication
  • Rest APIs
  • Service Registration and Service Discovery
  • Client side load balancing
  • Server side load balancing
  • Circuit Breaker design pattern
  • Microservices design patterns
  • Kafka - Few Basics


  • Overview of JavaScript
  • Functions & Events
  • JavaScript Object Model
  • Exception Handling in JavaScript
  • OOP’s in JavaScript
  • Prototype Model in JavaScript
  • Validating Forms
  • DOM Navigation & Handling
  • Event & Event Listeners
  • Introduction to JSON

Are you ready for a hands-on learning experience in Java and become familiar with new technologies? Join us today to get top-quality education. After hours of studying in our computer labs, you’ll become proficient in using this programming language in the professional settings. It’s time to gain some next-level coding skills and expand you scope of work. Let’s meet your career goals. SynergisticIT- – The Best Programmers in the Bay area…Period!


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A Pradhan

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