Comparison Between Top 5 Programming Languages

With 700 programming languages out there, it can be difficult for aspiring coders to choose a single language for starting a career in IT. Since the popularity & demand of each programming language keeps on fluctuating where new languages dethrone the old ones, it leaves coders into a dilemma of which language they should learn. If you’re also confused about choosing a programming language, let’s help you make a firm decision. We’re comparing top 5 programming languages in terms of popularity, job market, benefits, key features, & usage.

Top 5 Programming Languages

As per the latest survey of PPYL Index, Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and PHP are the most popular programming languages that have the maximum number of searches on Google. Here is how learning these languages can be beneficial for your career:

1. Python- Designed in the year 1991 by Guido van Rossum as his subsidiary project, nobody anticipated that Python will top the list of most popular and commonly used programming languages in the world. It is beginner-friendly & easy to learn language with higher readability.

  • Popularity- In the last 5 years,Python has grown tremendously with no sign of declining. It is an extremely reliable and secure language which is the reason why many tech giants like Amazon, Google, Instagram, Facebook, & Uber use Python libraries.

To determine the popularity of Python, GitHub has compared it with other programming languages based on their share of tutorial searches on Google as depicted in the chart below where Python has the largest share of 29.9% of all tutorial searches. Due to such immense popularity of Python, many young aspirants enroll in Python Bootcamp to learn this lucrative programming language to enlarge their career prospects.

  • Key Features- Python has peculiar features that help it stand out in the competitive sphere of programming such as cross-platform compatibility, easy integration, high-portability, free to use, Graphic User Interface programming, dynamically typed, embeddable, etc.
  • Usage- As a multi-purpose programming language, Python is used to develop different projects such system scripting, web frameworks, Big Data, Machine Learning applications, software development, enterprise application, video games, GUI, computational, & scientific applications.
  • Job Market- If you do a quick search for Python Jobs in the United States on LinkedIn, you will get a whopping result of 97000+ jobs openings. It showcases a massive demand for Python professionals in the job market. At an average, Python developer salary ranges from $92,500 to $150,000 per year, which is much more than the developers of other programming languages.
  • Benefits- Being the best programming language Python offers many benefits such as ease of creating classes & objects through Object-Oriented Programming for a multitude of platforms, scale complex applications, testing & building prototypes.

2. Java- All these years, a lot has been said about Java, like it outdated, slow, confusing, expensive, and even dead. However, Java refutes all these baseless assumptions by securing the second position in the list of top programming languages. Originally designed for set-top boxes & interactive television, Java progressed to be a widely used server-side language for back-end development of Android application, gaming consoles, etc.

  • Popularity- TIOBE Indexof the most popular programming languages has always rated Java on the first or second position since its inception in the year 1995. The popularity of Java can be measured by the fact that currently, it runs on 125 million TVs, 3 billion mobiles, & 1 billion computers.
  • Key Features- Java is a versatile language that is best suited for anyone who wants to commence a coding career without having any technical proficiency. Java is known for its dynamic features such as JVM, platform-independent, object-oriented, portable, simple, secure, high performance, multithreaded, etc. To ace the core concepts of Java, one requires to join a Java Bootcamp.
  • Usage- Java plays a vital part in the development of real-world applications. Java is everywhere from e-commerce websites, net-banking applications, IoT to Big Data technologies, embedded space, J2ME & Android applications.
  • Job Market- As per Indeed, Java is the second most in-demand programming language in America after Python. There were around 69000+ Java job postings in January 2020 on Indeed. Java developer salary is $120k, which is the third-highest annual salary amongst developers and programmers.
  • Benefits- There are innumerable perks of using Java such as it gives the flexibility to create both web & desktop-based applications. Java is platform-independent, which means once a developer writes codes, then that code can run on any platform which supports Java runtime environment.

3. JavaScript- Back in 1995, JavaScript was created as a client-side scripting language to streamline the process of web development. At present, 95.2% of 1.52 billion websites use JavaScript, which also includes YouTube and Facebook. It is a light-weighted, multi-paradigm, high-level programming language that runs virtually on mobile devices, browsers, containers, & micro-controllers.

  • Popularity- Due to the mass adoption of JavaScript, it has become a top programming language. The web development domain is principally dominated by JavaScript based frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, Express and Vue. Around 50% of industries in 2020 are looking to hire professionals who are well-versed in JavaScript as represented in the graph below:
  • Key Features- JavaScript has drastically evolved over the last few years. The latest release of JavaScript (ES11) has added various upgrading features like Optional Chaining Operator, BigInt, GlobalThis, MatchAll, Dynamic Imports, Promise.allSettled, Private Fields, Top Level Await, & Static Fields. It will further increase the usage & demand for JavaScript.
  • Usage- JavaScript runs on nearly all the platforms, websites, applications, web servers, mobile devices, games, smartwatches, robots, etc. It is mainly used for serverless computing, web/app development, and browser game development.

Job Market- A survey of Stack Overflow says that JavaScript developers can earn moderate salaries even with less experience. The global demand for JavaScript developers outweighs the number of skilled resources in the market. One can leverage the opportunity to learn JavaScript and get a chance to earn more than $120,000 a year after gaining experience.

  • Benefits- JavaScript ispopular because of its speed, simplicity, interoperability, and rich interfaces. It facilitates developers to build highly interactive applications that give instant feedback to users, & put less load on the server.

4. C#- Developed in 2000, C# is a modern hybrid of C & C++. It is the best programming language for developing games and Windows desktop applications. C# is relatively new in the programming world as compared to the long-established languages like Python & Java.

  • Popularity- Despitebeing a new addition to the programming family, C# took no time to secure a position in the list of top programming languages. Soon after its formation, several techies identify C# as a powerful & flexible language. C# has the third-largest community on Stack Overflow and it is used by 31% of developers on a daily basis.
  • Key Features- C# has many rich features that contribute to its worldwide popularity. Have a look at its key attributes:
  • Usage- The general-purpose programming language of C# is used to build a diverse range of applications and programs. It mainly regulates three fields, including, web app development, games, & Windows applications.  
  • Job Market- C# has a thriving job market with more than 38000 jobs on LinkedIn. Each month around 5000 job vacancies are advertised for C# developers with an average salary of approx. $78,367 to $132,192 per annum.
  • Benefits- C# provides an array of advantages to programmers such as it saves development time by providing reusable components & extensive memory bank. Also, C# offers easy-to-use features which help programmers to write complex codes without much hustle. The programs written in C# remains consistent and can be adjusted easily.

5. PHP- PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language that automates routine tasks which otherwise would need to be executed one by one by a person. PHP scripts are interpreted by a server. It helps to build static or dynamic websites and web applications.

  • Popularity- Ranked on the fifth position in the latest PPYL Index of most popular programming languages, PHP has proven its mettle.
  • Key Features- Millions of websites use PHP language due to its distinctive features. It is simple, flexible, & easy to learn language. PHP is compatible with multiple platforms and uses third-party applications to secure data.
  • Usage- PHP language supports over 20 million applications, websites, and Content Management Systems on the internet. Some of the most popular PHP-based sites are; Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Joomla, and Digg.
  • Job Market- Since January 2020, the job openings for entry-level PHP developers have increased by 834%. It has made PHP the fastest-growing tech job in the industry. PHP entry-level jobs can provide you with an opportunity to earn a decent salary of $73,334 per year.
  • Benefits- PHP gives more control to developers and let them make changes in the code very easily. Another perk of PHP is that it is free of cost, so one doesn’t have to purchase expensive software and can build robust applications at a minimal cost.


In a nutshell, all these programming languages are invincible and deserves to be on the top. Each language has its own unique features which makes them incomparable. While in terms of popularity one can say that both Java & Python are leading the pack. They have the largest share in the tech market.

If you want to build a solid career in programming, you should learn any of these top programming languages without giving a second thought. It will lead you to excellent career options and help you grow in the cutting-throat competition.

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