Best career options for Java Developers in USA

Despite its industry age, Java is still in the ascendant. Currently, it runs on 125 million TV devices, 3 billion mobile phones, and 1 billion computers across the world. Besides several changes and innovations in IT sector, Java continues to stay persistent as the most popular programming language in the last 20 years.

The growing popularity of Java results in the simultaneous increase of Java developers which have reached around 9 million worldwide. Since Java is invincible in terms of usage, the demand for Java developers is nowhere near to get diminished in the years to come. 

If you are looking to build a career in Java, then you have landed on the right page. We provide a complete career guide for Java Developers, propounding the list of best career options and skills they should acquire to seize high-level jobs.

Career prospects of Java Developers

There are an ample number of career progression opportunities for Java Developers based on their qualification, experience and competency. A quick search on the most trusted job portal, reveals that the top tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Akamai Technologies, Cisco, and JPMorgan Chase actively look for Java developers. 

The salary of a Java Developer differs from entry-level jobs to senior positions. Whereas, the average salary of Java Developers is $104,567 per year in the US with an additional cash bonus of $5,000.

Companies often hire Java Developers on the basis of their real-world experience. The job designations for Java mainly falls under three categories- Entry-level Java Developers, Mid-level Java Developers, & Senior Java Developers.

The developers have to perform different roles & responsibilities for each of these designations. For instance, at the early stage, a Java Developer may be assigned to integrate applications by server scripting & designing database architecture. However, the senior-level developers are responsible for multiple tasks such as determining client needs, designing, testing and developing software, creating plans & models, team collaboration, and much more.

Duties of Java Developers

Best Career Options for Java Developers

Java is omnipresent in the technical domain. From web server to application development and enterprise software, it is widely used everywhere. Once you acquire extensive knowledge and coding skills, you can pursue your Java career with these job positions:

  • Java Web Developers– This is a back-end position, wherein, the developer’s role is to write, test, and debug server-side codes that supports a website or web application. Java web developers need to ensure a smooth cohesion between the front-end and back-end elements of a website to deliver user-friendly experience. They are also responsible for optimizing server-side code speed.
  • Java Android Developer-This is the most common career option for Java Developers. As every startup and big enterprise strives to build their mobile application, it creates a plethora of employment opportunities for Java Developers. The core responsibility of a Java Android developer is to build and design robust applications for Android platform.
  • Java Architect- The fundamental duty of a Java Architect is to analyze an ongoing project and recommend changes on project designs to improve its efficiency. The Architect have to develop design specifications, install instructions, verify stability, portability, and security of Java architecture. For this job, you need to have decent understanding of data structure, algorithms, and design patterns.
  • DevOps Engineer– It is a newly emerged career option for experienced Java Developers. If you already ace the game of coding & scripting, then you should take a step further by being a DevOps Engineer.  Move to development side where you can focus on improving testing and deployment. This job not only provides a career breakthrough, but also enable you to hop onto high salary packages. The average salary of DevOps Engineer is $131,638 per year, which is even more than the average salary of Java Developer.
  • Java EE Developer- EE stands for Enterprise Edition, the primary role of a Java EE Developer is to build and maintain enterprise software. Generally, these jobs are posted by large scale companies who look for Java developers with some industry expertise.
  • Scrum Master– In contrast to a business analyst & project manager, Scrum Master is relatively a new profession. In spite of that, it has become much popular in organizations that follow agile methods of development. If you have gained enough experience in handling different business verticals and projects, try your hands at being a Scrum Master.

In-demand Skills for Java Developers

Employers look for more advanced skills in Java Developers apart from the basics of Java like HTML, JQuery, CSS, XML, JSON, and OOP. To stand out in the competitive market learn the following skill sets:

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Big Data (Hadoop)
  • Python
  • AWS
  • JavaScript Frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Spring Boot
  • Azure


These were some splendid job options that can increase your professional value. In case, you want to remain proactive with coding and don’t want to divert into people management, you should choose amongst the career paths of web developer, architect, EE developer, android developer and DevOps engineer. It will keep you connected to your technical niche. 

On the other hand, if you wish to expand your career beyond coding, then explore more options in leadership. Choose the roles of business analyst, scrum master, business analyst, & project manager.

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