Technical Skills or Experience? Which one is more important to get a job?

The global pandemic has radically transformed the job market. Businesses have changed their way of hiring & screening candidates. Now technology skills are getting more valued than experience, qualifications, or previous job titles. As per the leaders of LinkedIn & Microsoft, post-pandemic hiring will be majorly based on the skills & individual’s ability to perform. In other terms, “skills will become the new currency in the post-pandemic hiring.” Let’s see how getting technically upskilled can land you a job regardless of your work experience.

Increase in remote work

Coronavirus has already shifted the workplace to remote settings that compelled companies to implement new technologies & adapt flexible ways of working. Now, employers are looking for those candidates who can start performing from day 1, and they don’t need to get training to do the job remotely.

Due to COVID-19, there was a surge in heavy cut-offs, layoffs & the unemployment rate in the major industries. It accentuates the pivotal need to acquire new skills to apply & secure new positions. Thus, candidates who need a job must consider developing high-demand skills through certifications, training, & courses.

Increase in Skill-Based Hiring

As per LinkedIn, around 77% of the jobs posted on this platform focus on skills instead of specific job titles or industry experience. For this reason, individuals enrolling in skill enhancement & development programs are doubling up in numbers.

A report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation shows that 74% of recruiters acknowledge a skills gap in their current workforce. The lack of adequate skills is the biggest obstacle in post-pandemic hiring. Presently, the job market places more emphasis on bridging the skill gap to meet the cross-disciplinary nature of industries & jobs.

Amongst all the skills, technology-related skills like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, AWS, Python, Java, & MERN Stack have become indispensable for job aspirants. Besides, non-technical skills like communication, leadership, & project management are also significant to have.

Take a look at the highest number of job openings in technology based on LinkedIn data:

Increase in Skill-Based Hiring

Why skills are more important than having a degree or experience?

Earlier, a college degree was seen as the golden ticket to start a professional journey wherein having a relevant degree guarantees a well-paid job. As education qualifications & degrees penalize the potential of qualified candidates with no degree, employers adopted a new approach of non-degree skills-based hiring to source & acquire talent.

This new form of skill-based hiring prioritizes what a candidate can do instead of focusing on his education qualifications. Thus, hiring managers look for relevant skills & capabilities rather than asking the candidate to list his years of experience and degree.

Skill infusion is crucial for today’s education system as just theoretical knowledge, or degree won’t help students get a job. More than 250,000 companies will be making skills-based hiring in 2021 using new tools like LinkedIn Skills Path, enabling them to screen candidates based on skills. Thus, if you want to get hired, you need to learn the necessary skills & knowledge.

Also, having relevant skills with experience is equally important. Experience alone won’t sail you through if you are working on outdated technologies. For instance, if you are a Java Developer, you need to be competent in other advanced technologies like MERN Stack, Hadoop, & AWS. Similarly, if you’re a Python Developer, you need to have adequate knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, AWS, & AI. Experience may be good for other fields like management, accountants, lawyers but in case of technology, one needs to keep up with its rapidly evolving nature & have the most updated skills.

Some of the tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, have undergone an inspiring journey of rages to riches solely based on their impeccable programming skills & knowledge with no degree.

Founders Without Degrees

Bursting the Myths about getting into the Tech Industry

There are several myths associated with starting an IT career, such as:

  • You need to have a four-year Computer Science degree to get into the IT sector.
  • You need a tech degree to get an entry-level support job.
  • Everything you need to excel for a tech job is only taught in a college.
  • IT recruiters give more importance to your educational credentials than anything else.


  • A majority of IT jobs do not require a four-year degree or even a two-year degree. If you’re holding back from pursuing a tech career for not having a degree, then you must know that most tech roles only require proof that you can perform through your skills.
  • According to BLS, about 26% or one-quarter of IT professionals in the US do not have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Tech companies are open to hiring candidates with 66% recognized certification & 47% online degree from online courses in place of the bachelor’s degree.
  • Nine out of ten tech recruiters reported accept candidates without a master’s degree.
  • Top tech companies like Apple, Tesla, IBM, Google have adopted nontraditional hiring after being unable to fill the critical skills gaps. They seek qualified & skilled candidates with or without degrees. That’s why about one-third of the new hires at IBM who work on cybersecurity, cloud computing, & app development do not have four-year degrees.
  • The tech sector is the first one to adopt skill-based hiring.

skill-based hiring

What is the need to get upskilled?

Getting upskilled can empower you to secure your dream job. When you bring a new skill set to the table & demonstrate how those skills can help your prospective company, you may increase your chances of getting hired.  While organizations worldwide focus on creating upskill programs, employees are also responsible for ensuring they are well-prepared for industry 4.0.

Some studies unveil that from 4 million jobs in the industry, the nature of at least 65% will change in the next half a decade. With the changing job roles, job seekers need to cope with the emerging newer roles. Thus, by taking online courses & training in cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, job aspirants can diversify their existing knowledge and be prepared for the upcoming change in the workforce.

Enrich yourself with new skills by enrolling in an online technology upskill program that can acquaint you with the necessary skills & prepares you for the next job.

technology upskill program

How a technology upskill program help you get hired?

Technology upskill training has revolutionized the way we develop our careers. It is a flexible, affordable, and easily accessible learning path that prepares job aspirants as per the industry standards. Since thousands of online Bootcamps provide career-oriented training, you may struggle to find the best one. Have a look at one of our blogs on how to choose a coding Bootcamp. It will help you make an informed decision.

Professional Development Learning

Once you sign up with the best coding Bootcamp like SynergisticIT, you can avail the following benefits:

  • The fast-paced curriculum & project-based learning, can get you upskilled in a span of 3 to 5 months.
  • You get end-to-end assistance from experienced instructors.
  • Instructors impart knowledge of the latest industry trends along with their practical application.
  • With career-focused training, you can develop skills that help you perform from day one of your job.
  • You can also get job assistance & placement in some reputed organizations.
  • The training prepares you in such a way that you don’t have to struggle in landing a job.


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