Technology Up-Skill Programs

Technology Upskill Program

SynergisticIT provides a complete learning program for the tech enthusiasts who wants to build a solid career in the technical domain. Our core objective is to upgrade the skills and knowledge of students in the latest technologies. Being into the IT sector for more than 10 years, we are well-acquainted with the cutting-edge technologies and provide real-world leaning in the same. Our curriculum of training keeps on updating as per the latest market trends & practices.
We have a seasoned team of professionals who streamline the learning process by giving real-world examples with each coding or programming module they teach. Students are also provided with some assignments in each learning session to ensure they are catching-up on the subject modules

Our upskill program comprises 6 major technologies that meets the emerging demand for web app development, Cloud Computing, Big Data, & Machine Learning. We provide training in the following technologies:

  • Java
  • AWS
  • MERN Stack
  • Hadoop
  • Python
  • Machine Learning

Learning these robust technologies will help you in career advancement. Our tech instructors exclusively provide career-oriented training which prepare students for high-level tech jobs.

How we ensure to provide quality training?

A major reason behind the success of our training program is that we only allow 7 candidates per class. This creates an interactive environment, wherein our instructors directly address to your educational needs. Candidates get to learn in the professional settings of our well-equipped labs. It further strengthens the problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills of students.
The time duration for most of our training courses is 3 to 4 months, so you will be transformed into a skilled coder, developer, and programmer in such short period. On an average, our candidates get hired in less than 6 weeks after completing their technology upskill program with us.

Our Technical Offerings


Java proves to be the best-fit for developing web scripting games, enterprise software, embedded systems, and mobile applications. You can find Java in almost every industry from finance, e-commerce, healthcare, to education and even manufacturing.

Many prominent websites like Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google also runs on Java. As Java shows no sign of declining in terms of popularity and usage 10 years down the line and beyond, it is worth learning. One can avail several advantages of Java learning such

  • It provides tons of job opportunities;
  • Java is easy to learn due to English like syntax;
  • You get access to a wide set of development tools and open source libraries;
  • Java is platform independent that works on the tagline of “write once run anywhere”
  • Companies worldwide believe in Java as it is a secure platform and uses Virtual Machine.

Considering the value of Java, we provide the best Java Training in California that equip candidates with the necessary skills.



At present, organizations around the world are looking for IT professionals who have acquired professional Cloud training and can seamlessly implement a cloud into their private and public environments.

Since many businesses are shifting to cloud environment, it has surged the demand curve for AWS skills. AWS is the world’s most adopted cloud platform that allow users to access on demand computing services like virtual cloud server, database storage, and others.

  • AWS is a one-stop shop for all IT and cloud computing needs. It enables you to select web application platform, programming language, operating system, & other services;
  • Unlike other cloud computing platforms, AWS provides a user-friendly platform that allows even a beginner to use it effectively.
  • AWS offers high storage which can used individually or in combination. Some Amazon storages are AWS EBS, Amazon Glacier, AWS S3, and Amazon Elastic File System.
  • AWS provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model that eliminates up-front capital infrastructure costs and help to scale up businesses.

SynergisticIT is the most trusted provider of AWS training and AWS Certification in Bay Area, California. We train students in using and configuring AWS services and help them gain next-level skills.

MERN Stack

If you want to be competent in creating top-quality web application, then our MERN Stack training is the most suitable course for you. Our trainers will refine your frontend and backend development skills through which you will be able to tackle projects on the client side as well as on the server side. Here are few noteworthy benefits of MERN Stack:

  • MERN Stack uses the most potent frontend library, React, which is used by some of the big companies such as Tesla, Dropbox, Airbnb, Facebook, etc.
  • React is based on the single page application which avoids loading a new page with each action, thus boosts the user experience.
  • Since MERN Stack uses React, it eases interchangeability between a web application to a mobile application or a software.
  • MERN facilitate developers to design a website using a single HTML document.
  • Express.js another component of MERN Stack, simplifies the task of writing server code. Moreover, it discards the need to repeating the same code over and over.

Get a hands-on learning experience in full stack development by enrolling into our upskill program.


It is utmost essential for all the tech aspirants to be adept at using Python programming language. Python is used for various purposes starting from web development, gaming, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, to product development, testing, automation and the list goes on. Below are some Python facts that may interest you:

  • As a high-level interpreted language Python does not need a compiler.
  • Python has the variants of other programming languages like Java and C.
  • Python contains built-in data structures which enables developers to writer fewer codes for writing programs.
  • Python supports cross-platform development on various systems such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh.
  • Python is one of the official programming languages at Google.

If you take our Python training course, you will enlarge you career options.

Apache Hadoop

In order to effectively manage the ever-increasing volume of unstructured data, companies hire Hadoop technology experts. You need to acquire advanced Hadoop skills for getting started in Big Data and we can help you do that.

Many people look forward to pursue a career in Hadoop despite being from a non-technical background as it provides a plenty of career-growth opportunities. Take a look at the advantages of using Hadoop for Big Data processing:

  • In contrast to the traditional relational database systems, Hadoop is a highly scalable storage platform. It can store & distribute gigantic volume of data sets across hundreds of inexpensive servers.
  • Hadoop is very flexible and can be used for multiple purposes, such as recommendation systems, log processing, market campaign analysis, fraud detection, data warehousing, etc.
  • Hadoop offers much faster data processing and can seamlessly process terabytes of Big Data in just few minutes.
  • A key advantage of using Hadoop is its resilience to failure which means that in an event of failure, it provides another copy of data available for use. A data is replicated to other nodes in cluster when it is sent to an individual node.

We value the significant role of Hadoop in abstracting useful information from a large volume of Big Data, therefore we provide the best Hadoop training in California. Our trainers will guide you in collecting data and identifying correlations to interpret different patterns.

Data Science/ Machine Learning/AI

Many industries like healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, and others have recognized the value of Machine Learning when working with a large amount of data. Organization are getting ahead of their competition and are able to function more efficiently by gleaning insights from the collected data. The Machine Learning technology covers significant grounds in numerous verticals such as medicine, image recognition, facial recognition, cyber security, etc.
An increasing number of businesses are realizing the profound impact of Machine Learning on the business intelligence, hence, are offering high salary packages to the candidates with the right Machine Learning skills and knowledge. One can leverage many benefits from Machine Learning, such as:

  • The biggest perk of using Machine Learning algorithm is that it automates various decision-making tasks, thus eliminates the need for human intervention.
  • Machine Learning is effective for identifying the latest trends and patterns.
  • The Machine Learning technology helps in managing & improving the multi-dimensional data.
  • Machine Learning have a huge scope of becoming the top technology in the near future.

As Machine Learning is in high demand, we provide the best Machine Learning Training to the candidates who wants to build a solid foundation in this field. To know more click on

The entire technical upskill program is designed in a systematic manner after a thorough market search. We have picked out the most in demand skills required in IT job market and established this program to train students for making them job-ready. Our technology upskill program has helped thousands of candidates in securing legit jobs in thriving industries.
Let’s help you meet you career goals. SynergisticIT- the best programmers in the bay area, Period!