What makes Java so Popular?

Celebrating 25 years of success, Java has been around a long time. Sun microsystems brought Java to the public in 1995 and presently Oracle is managing Java. Java is considered to be the most prominent language for creating robust web applications and technical platforms. Over the years, Java has evolved as a language of facts and practical knowledge. Due to its peculiarity various Fortune 500 organizations like: LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple rely upon Java. This write-up will accentuate the reasons for the growing popularity of Java.

Is Java still in demand?

Java has remained invincible, despite the emergence of numerous programming languages. Reportedly, Java got ranked at the top tier in the list of most in-demand programming languages of 2019 by Indeed. Many developers claim Java to be their most preferred programming language as it is very easy to use, compile, write and debug in Java. Moreover, Java enable developers to create reusable code and modular programs. Thus, it creates a career breakthrough for the Java developers.

Unveiling some Java Facts

Nothing can be ascertained without accurate facts and figures, so have a glance at some of the significant facts about Java that validates its popularity:

  • 89% of PCs in the US run Java.
  • There are around 9 million Java developers in the world due to the prolific salary packages that turn out to be around $83, 975.00 (median salary) in numbers.
  • Over a spread of 6 billion Java Card-enabled devices are rolled out every year.
  • 3 billion mobile phones, 125 million TV sets and 1 billion computers run Java programming language.
  • 100% of Blu-Ray Disc Players work with Java.
  • Java gets downloaded 1billion times in a year.
  • Java is a go-to programming language for 97% of enterprises which is a lot more than C++ or any other language put together.
  • Lastly, Java has consistently gained No.1 position as the best choice of UI programming language by the software developers worldwide.

Major Industries ruled by Java

Since Java dialects are universally adaptable it is used to build applications and platforms for several devices, including computers, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, car navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, lottery terminals and smartphones. It is also a key language for networking, particularly for data centers that store and transfer Web-based data.

Real-World Java-based Applications

There are a whole bunch of places in which Java is used in the real-world ranging from financial applications to e-commerce websites & scientific applications. Let’s have a comprehensive understanding of Java in the real-world:

  • Big Data– Various big data technologies like Hadoop, deploy Java in one way or another. Some of the prominent examples of Java-based technologies are Elasticsearch, Apache HBase and Apache Accumulo.
  • Banking and Finance Server Applications– Java significantly fosters financial services. Many well-reputed investment banks such as Standard Charted, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup leverage Java for writing server-side applications, data processing projects, front & back office electronic trading system, settlement and confirmation systems, etc.
  • Scientific Applications and Research Community-Java is a safe, portable & easy to maintain language that comes with high-level concurrency tools, unlike C++ or any other programming language. Thus, Java has become a default choice for scientific applications.
  • Android- It goes without saying that Java plays a vital role in Android app development as its business logic is written in Java which drive the exchange of information between the database and user interface. It is important to have core knowledge of Java for the development of android applications.
  • Web Application & e-Commerce Development- Java has given a new outlook to the virtual world. Being highly flexible & secured programming language, Java support thousands of e-Commerce applications today. Java has some inbuilt packages like JSPs, Servlets and Struts which streamline the coding process of large-scale web application.

Reasons that contributes to the popularity of Java

Java possess a unique set of features which contributes to its immense success & popularity, have a look at them:

  • Large Community– Java is backed by a large online community of developers which forms the pillar of this programming language. The community not only eases Java learning at beginner, advanced and expert level, but also works diligently to enrich Java functions.
  • Platform Independent– Java is platform independent language, which means it can be used to develop end-to end mobile or desktop applications that run on different servers and operating systems.  Java is most popular due to its slogan of “write once, run anywhere.”
  • Object-oriented- Java has an extensive library of classes that help developers to build a wide range of applications and programs. Java also facilitate developers to create, reuse and recycle codes which accelerate productivity & reduces development time.
  • Free of Cost- As the best things in life are free, Java is definitely one among them. It is a blessing for individual programmers who can freely access Java under the Oracle Binary Code License. Thus, Java is free to use for development and test environments, however, one need to pay small fees if used for commercial purposes.

Apart from the about features, Java has many other distinctive attributes which adds to its versatility including, tight security, dynamic coding, network-centric designing, etc.


Platform independent nature and portability are the main reasons behind the extensive popularity of Java. If you do a quick job search for Java and other languages, you would see that Java would have more jobs than Python, C #, C++ or other programming languages. We are not using JavaScript in this comparison as Java positions mostly also include JavaScript roles. Also, for a job seeker the vast implementation of Java across different industry domains make it a lucrative programming language to pursue for a long-term career sustenance. We will follow up later with what steps a person should take to compete effectively in this competitive technology industry which though lucrative is tough to get into.

Java will stand its ground even in the upcoming years and keep evolving like it has been doing all the while. Learning a versatile language like Java can be highly beneficial for your career. So enroll into our best Java Training in California to grasp the core concepts of Java. Let us help you achieve your career goals. Synergisticit– The Best Programmers in the Bay area…Period!