Common Body Language Mistakes to avoid during a Job Interview !

Are you all prepped up for your next job interview? You may have spent hours on preparing answerers for the frequently asked questions, but it isn’t sufficient to ace the interview. Your body language can make a whole lot difference in either making or breaking your career.

A large part of successful interviews hinges onto how you present yourself, so make sure to send only the right signals. We will help you to avoid some common body language mistakes which candidates often commit during an interview and how you can avoid them to ace a job.

A weak handshake– As the saying goes “The first impression is the last impression” you don’t want to look weak and unconfident by doing a limp handshake. Start and end your interview with a firm handshake, accompanied by a gentle smile and strong eye contact. On the other hand Ensure that you are not crushing the interviewer’s hands as it exhibits aggressive behavior and can possibly close the door of your dream job.

Crossed arms– Another mistake that you should avoid in an interview is crossing your arms. As per a study on body language, crossed arms reflect resistance & disinterest. Hence, the recruiter might feel that you are closed off & not ready to negotiate on his/her terms. Some interviewers also interpret crossed arms as rude. So rather than crossing your arms, keep them to your sides or sit straight with your arms on the table to appear more attentive and approachable.

Leaning back-Your sitting posture plays a significant role in an interview. If you lean back in your seat, it gives the wrong signal to the interviewer of you being lazy or arrogant. Studies have proven that individuals who sit up straight are viewed as more confident with strong leadership skills. Therefore, watch your sitting posture during an interview and aim to maintain a neutral position.

Prolonging eye contact or avoiding it completely– Doing adequate eye contact is also an essential part of non-verbal communication. Failing to make an eye contact while addressing to the interviewer is a sign of dishonesty. However, a deep stare is also perceived as intimidating.  Thus, set an aim of making eye contact in small intervals. The best practice is to break eye contact every few seconds and then coming back to show your engagement. 

Avoiding Eye Contact

Touching your face repeatedly- Excessive face touching isone of the most common mistakes that the job seekers often do in an oblivious manner. Whether it’s about rubbing one’s nose, playing with the hair or keeping your hand on the mouth, touching of face is not considered as a good trait in the study of body language. It indicates unprofessional attitude and the recruiter can even interpret it as an act of deception. Next time you appear for an interview, recall this body language technique.

Using endless hand gestures- There is no denying the fact that some hand gestures like moving fingers when speaking or clasping palms are signs of confidence, but it has the potential to make you look either arrogant or nervous if done outrageously. keep tabs on the personal space of interviewer when gesturing and use subtle gestures only.

Example of Subtle Hand Gesture

Failing to mirror the recruiter- Mirroring is a popular concept of imitating the actions of other while interacting, which shows that you were attentive and closely listening to that person.  Though it usually happens subconsciously, you can deploy this technique to leave a positive impression on the interviewer.


Why So Serious ? Smiling invokes positivity & helps you stay calm in front of the interviewer. Begin and end your interview with a warm smile to look more likeable & approachable. However, if you smile too much throughout the interview, then it can denote your lack of taking things seriously and can probably land you in trouble.

Fidgeting- Excessive foot tapping, fixing tie, playing with the pen, or shifting in the seat are the biggest interview mistake that candidates often do unknowingly. Since fidgeting is the key sign of nervousness and restlessness, avoid doing it in your interview. Sit straight, place your feet firmly on the floor, maintain your composure & channelize your energy in giving pertinent answers to the interviewer’s questions.


Actions speaks louder than words’ thus it is utmost important to have a check on our body language essentially in the formal settings like an interview room. Ensure that your gestures, facial expressions and posture matches your words when undergoing an interview. You can impress the recruiter with your remarkable non verbal communication skills.

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