Java is the backbone of web application development. It is a simple & secure general-purpose programming language used to build real-world applications such as embedded systems, gaming consoles, Android apps, Big Data technologies, etc. Today, nearly 64,000 companies of the U.S. alone are using Java, which includes some of the top brands like eBay, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Spotify. Since Java has become the most preferred choice for a majority businesses & developers, it is certainly not going anywhere for decades to come. Thus, making a career in Java can be a safe bet for beginners who are seeking to succeed in the tech sector.

We have created free Java tests to help candidates assess and verify their Java knowledge. Take these different Java tests to get a real picture of your Java competency.

What makes Java So Popular?

  • When you write a code in Java, it can run in almost any platform that supports JVM runtime.

  • Java is cross-platform that enables developers to build mobile applications with ease or run desktop applications using different servers & operating systems, such as Linux or Windows.

  • Java has a rich number of libraries that facilitates developers to perform multiple tasks.

  • Most of the developers commence their coding journey with Java as it is easy to learn. Being a beginner’s friendly language, Java has a readable syntax that let learners build useful applications.