10 useful Tips for Your Job Search during the Coronavirus

Due to the drastic outbreak of Covid-19, the U.S. employment rate has taken a hit. As the recession drags on, around 51 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance. Moreover, the US Department of Labor stated that over 42.6 million people have already claimed benefits since the pandemic began.

According to the forecast of NBC News,the unemployment rate in the U.S. could reach up to 20% which is higher than the Great Depression period. A major shift in the online job market has also been perceived as Paul Wolfe (senior vice president of Indeed) says that from May 15 job listings across all industries on Indeed were down by 37% as compared to the last year.

Since Coronavirus has brought a new wave of pay cuts and layoffs in the job market, you must be wondering whether you should continue to drop resumes or presume that you won’t get any job in the foreseen future.

It is undeniably true that the job market has become competitive due to the severe impact of Covid-19, but there is still a ray of hope for job seekers with the right skills. It’s time for you to stand out with some strategic job-hunting techniques.

Top 10 Tips for Finding a Job during the Coronavirus

This challenging era of job crunch shall pass sooner or later. However, if you have a proper plan and resilience to cope with the crisis, you can sustain a job even in these hard times. All you need is to revamp your job-hunting approach. Follow these effective tips to discover the best career opportunities:

  • Work on your Resume- Take this time to review & upgrade your resume. Make sure that it is well-formatted, highlight your achievements and add details of certifications to catch the recruiter’s attention. Also, use an easy to read font with body text not smaller than 10 point and headers in between the range of 14 – 16 font point.
  • Learn New Languages and be Open to Relocation- You can turn this crisis to your advantage by learning new languages. Don’t let the language barrier hamper your career progress. Knowing more languages can open a gateway to more job opportunities for you. Since everyone is working remotely, a need for relocation can also be incurred so be prepared beforehand.
  • Apply on Top Job Listing Portals- There are several websites offering an ample number of job openings, but only the best ones help you find legitimate jobs. So, post your resume on some of the prestigious job search websites like Career Builder, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkUp, ZipRecruiter, Upwork, etc.
  • Try the Technology Industry- With the increasing demand for less personal contact to prevent the risk of Covid-19 spread, a rise in the number of technology users has been noted. This pandemic has accelerated major technology trends such as MERN Stack, Full Stack, Big Data, Java, Cloud Computing, AWS, Machine Learning, Python etc. It will further inflate job openings in the tech industry, so learn programming languages and acquire impeccable coding skills to get a feasible job in the near future.
  • Be Flexible in your Job Search Options-There is a little possibility of you finding an ideal job that fits well with your skills set in the current situation. So, it is better to step out of your comfort zone and keep your options open when browsing the job listings. With companies struggling to accommodate the remote work environment, your dream job might not be feasible at the moment. Thus, the best practice is to be flexible and adjust to the in-demand requisites of employers. Do not restrict the scope of work, rather reevaluate your skills and look for multiple career options to increase the chances of getting a job.
  • Use Social Media & Online Networking– Is it been too long since you last checked your LinkedIn or other social media accounts, guess what? Now is the right time to do it.Strengthen your professional connections and channelize the power of online networking. Join associations and user groups to connect with like-minded professionals on Facebook, Instagram and other social media portals. Share your best piece of work on the LinkedIn profile to catch the recruiter’s eye. As per a field experiment of ResumeGo, Job seekers with a comprehensive & active LinkedIn profile have 71% higher chances of getting shortlisted for a job interview. You can also inform your friends, family, and acquaintances about your job preferences so they can look out on the related companies for openings and notify you about the same.
  • Practice Virtual Job Interviews– Since the global spread of Covid-19, social distancing has become our new normal. Companies today are working remotely and even the job interviews are being conducted virtually. However, it is not easy to crack a virtual interview in one go as you may get conscious in front of the camera or fail to maintain a natural flow of communication. Therefore, you should learn the ins and outs of virtual job interviews. Download Zoom & Skype in your system, dress-up appropriately, as if you are heading to the company’s office and find a quiet, well-lit place to give your interview.
  • Look for thriving industries and specializations– You don’t want to waste hours on research to find nothing but disappointment. Don’t directly jump into the process of applying for online jobs, instead identify and create a list of companies that are well equipped and can provide you sustainability during the ongoing crisis. Mostly tech companies have the ability to adapt any transition and operates smoothly under any such circumstances. Other than that, the manufacturing & healthcare sector is hiring at a fast pace because of the surge in demand for human resources.
  • Be open to take a Lower Pay- When searching for jobs in the current recession period,you need to be flexible and realistic in salary expectations. Look beyond the job as an income-earning opportunity. As an idle brain is the devil’s workshop so take upon any timebound project, contract work & internships that will enhance your skills.
  • Acquire new skills by taking online courses- You should make the most out of these quarantine period by enhancing your knowledge and adding new skills to your professional toolkit. Take online courses to refine your soft skills and bolster your qualifications. With a number of certifications under your belt, you can drive tons of potential opportunities.


Coronavirus has accentuated the importance of digitalization and technology for businesses to run as usual during pandemics. Moreover, it has accelerated many changes to the job market.

The need of the hour is to learn new things and attain those skills that have higher career scope in the foreseen future. Sharpen your technical knowledge and have fluency over Java, Machine Learning, MERN Stack, Cloud Computing, and other emerging tech trends in the IT market.

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