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Comparison between Bootcamps and Synergisticit

By SynergisticIT | July 8, 2020

We have been asked for a long period of time as to what is the value proposition offered by Synergisticit vs Bootcamps vs Staffing/Consulting Companies vs Training Companies with Contracts. To Highlight the differences we spoke to more than 30 Bootcamps and more than 1000+ alumni from each of the different Organizations offering their services…

Top 5 reasons to Learn Java – for Tech Job Seekers!

By SynergisticIT | July 7, 2020

Over the years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Java applications & websites. It created an array of career opportunities for the tech enthusiasts. Reportedly, there are 9 million Java developers across the world. As per a popular job posting portal “Indeed” the average salary for a Java Developer in the…

Five most popular languages for Tech Job Seekers

By SynergisticIT | June 15, 2019

Information technology is a lucrative industry for Tech job seekers, but it is ever evolving. To ensure you start your technology career with the right language is a must. We at SynergisticIT did an analysis of major Technology arears from West to east coast namely San Francisco bay Area, New York, and Dallas, Texas. This…