What Are The Job Prospects After Learning Python?

IT sector is evolving at a rapid pace where new technologies are replacing the old ones. However, a programming language that seems to be invisible in the technical sphere is Python. No other language has the power to dethrone Python from its spot simply because of its unique features. Today, we are surrounded by advanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, & Web Development that stands on the common ground of Python modules. The popularity of Python is beyond measurement with it being rated as the second most popular language after C. If you want to start a career in Python programming, then you need to have a deep understanding of its core concepts through Python Certification training. Let’s assess how learning Python can enlarge your job prospects.

A brief about Python Programming

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used by a wide range of industries for diverse reasons such as building or testing applications, scriptwriting, upgrading software, web designing, scientific programming, numerical computing, etc. For this reason, companies look for adept developers who are competent in using the important modules of Python in numerous ways. 

Python accelerates coding experience with faster readability. It is an ideal choice for beginners who have just marked their career in web development. They can leverage thousands of resources including, online podcasts, videos, blogs, Python Certification courses to explore various aspects of this language.

Reasons to Learn Python

As per the latest TIOBE index of November 2020, Python has surpassed Java in terms of demand as shown below:

Curious to know why? Have a look at the reasons that contribute to its popularity and why you should consider learning Python:

1. Simple & Readable- Python has a simple syntax which makes it easy to read, understand & learn for the beginner with no prior technical knowledge. Its codes can be written with ease and at a much faster pace than any other programming language. Python allows developers to write complex programs in just a few lines of codes.

2. Highly Flexible- In addition to having a simple syntax, Python is also a very flexible language that does not restrict developers from innovating & creating different types of applications. Python has nearly 125000 libraries and frameworks like NumPy, Pandas, Django, Matplotlib that enable developers to create an array of projects as below:

  • Machine Learning
  • System Automation
  • Web Processing
  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Computer Graphics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mathematical Computing
  • Basic game development
  • Application-specific scripting

3. Lucrative Career Opportunities- Python jobs salaries are immensely higher. Python professionals can earn an annual salary of $70,000 to $150,000. An experienced Python Software Engineer can earn an average salary of around $110,000 per annum.

4. Tech Giants Supports Python- Tech giants like Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, IBM, Yahoo, Mozilla, Quora, Dropbox, & many other platforms are backed by Python programming language. Such big companies are always looking to hire skilled Python developers, so if you acquire the right skills, you can amplify your chances of getting hired by Fortune 500 Companies. An effective learning path to attain proficiency of this language is by enrolling in Python Coding Bootcamps.

5. Python plays a vital role in Data Science- One of the reasons behind the sky-rocketing popularity of Python is its growing demand amongst data scientists & data analysts. Python is an integral part of the data analyst’s toolbox that streamlines the process of data manipulation & helps to easily carry out repetitive tasks.

Top Career Prospects after Python Certification Training

A recent report of Indeed.com reveals that there are about 68,196 Python jobs in the United States that are offering good salary figures as depicted in the following bar graph:

After taking hands-on Python Certification training, you can avail an ample number of career options:

1. Python Developer- It is the most direct job profile for someone expert in Python programming language. A Python Developer is responsible for multiple operational duties which include website development, resolving data analytics problems, implementing data protection, optimizing data algorithms, writing efficient & readable codes, etc.

  • The salary of Python developers differs based on their level of experience. For instance, if the entry-level Python developer gets an average salary of $78,176, the junior Python developer salary raises to $89,776, while the mid-level & senior-level Python developer’s average salary is even higher i.e. $111,896 & $122,093 respectively.

2. Data Analytics- The demand for Data Analysts have inflated due to the increasing amount of big data. Many IT companies look for professionals who can work with a huge set of data & find meaning in it using the important modules of Python like SciPy, Pandas & other libraries that help in completing the tasks without much hustle. The average salary of a Data Analyst ranges between $55,000 to $75,533, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who has gained expertise in Python.

3. Machine Learning Engineer- The job postings for Machine Learning Engineers has surged in the last few years with around 2.3 million job openings to date. The key responsibility of a Machine Learning engineer is to feed data into models defined by the data scientists. To be a Machine Learning Engineer one requires exceptional ability to manage large information & train machines or programs for making predictions. Since Python is efficient in working with algorithms & data automation it is the most preferred programming language for Machine Learning Engineer. So, before applying for an ML Engineer position you should work on your Python skills to accelerate your chances of getting hired.

  • Machine Learning Engineer is one of the highest-paid tech jobs in the United States with an average annual salary of $146,085.

Apart from the above Python career opportunities, you can also apply for the positions of Python full stack developer, research analysts, data scientists, financial advisors, quality assurance engineer, GIS Analyst, data scientist, and others.

Learning Python and building a career in it can be the safest bet for your future. Gain the right skills through the best Python Certification training to land your desired job. Let’s us help you achieve your career goals. Synergisticit- The Best Programmers in the Bay Area…Period!