Guide to Shaping Your Career As a Data Scientist

Data Science Bootcamp

Data Scientists are currently the rage and most in-demand field of work in the IT profession. Data scientists in the current economy have found their place in almost every single industry. Data scientists constantly report heavy salaries and better job satisfaction compared to various other domains. So one probably wonders, how do I become a data scientist?

If you are planning to learn data science or looking for possible steps to begin your journey, look no further!

In this blog, we have tried to cover various aspects of shaping a career as a Data Scientist.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data Science primarily aims in profound knowledge discovery through data exploration and inference. If one is considering a career in data science, one must possess statistical knowledge and computer skills for resolving complex problems. Data Science as a discipline is focused on using mathematical, algorithmic techniques to solve complex problems. Data science training in CA is all the rage owing to huge paychecks and demand for these IT professionals.

What is Data Scientist

This discipline is focused on using mathematical, algorithmic techniques to solve most analytical enterprise business problems and control a vast amount of raw data to determine the hidden insight beneath the surface. As a large amount of data is distributed daily in our smartphones, desktops, and an array of IoT devices learning data science can be beneficial.

Key Role of Data Scientist

The work of data scientists is centred on correct, accurate minutia-driven analysis. As a data scientist, one must possess exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills. It is because of them expressing findings and research for highly sophisticated data-driven jargon is required. One essentially helps team members and various stakeholders in deciding the best solutions forward. A data scientist is needed to offer these solutions quickly and comprehensively.

As per Gartner, data scientists extract meaning from different types of data–structured, unstructured, and semi-structured that flow into the enterprise. Data scientists are required to remove data from the database check and ensure data for several analyses is ready, construct and evaluate a statistical model, or design reports that include comprehending data visualizations.

So broadly speaking, Data Scientist is responsible for:

  • Identifying data-analytics problems that offer the most significant opportunities to the organization.
  • Determining the correct data sets and variables.
  • Collecting large sets of structured and unstructured data from different sources.
  • Cleaning and validating the data to ensure correctness, entirety, and consistency.
  • Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine stores of big data.
  • Analyzing data for identifying patterns and trends.
  • Interpreting the data to find solutions and opportunities.
  • Communicating findings to stakeholders using visualization and other means.

In case you are considering learning data science, the next session would benefit you!

Guide to being a Data Scientist: 10 Steps to Become a Data Scientist

The demand for data scientists, along with the rage of this discipline in the computing world, makes the newfound love for data science bootcamp justified. Harvard Business Review ranked it as the hottest job in the current century, along with unimaginably sweet paychecks. The skill gap in the IT sector and this domain compared to industry measures requires a data scientist to considering covering various aspects to become the most sought after!

So what will give you an edge?

Here are 10 pointers to ace as a data scientist!

Step 1- Develop Skills in Algebra, Statistics, and Machine Learning

As previously discussed, data scientists are amalgamations of statistics and software engineering skills together. One is expected to excel in these skills to compare to any other profession. One is expected to have the right balance of these skills and have a clear understanding of concepts. In case you are worried about where to sharpen these skills, data science training is the answer you are looking for. Not only would you be learning data science fundamentals but also be opening door to several career assistance opportunities.

Step- 2 Learn to love Big Data!

As per Gartner, big data is high volume and high velocity or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing, decision making, and process automation. With a heavy amount of data processes on various applications, mobiles, desktops, and an array of IoT devices, data scientists deal with vast volumes of data, unstructured and structured. Big data helps in strategic business moves and better decision-making.

This certainly is not possible using a simple machine.

Developers require making use of big data software like Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark for achieving distributed processing. So certainly, stepping ahead with learning Big data is the way forward.

There are many online data science training that can be helpful for you to keep your pace!

Step-3 Widen your knowledge of Databases

With a huge amount of data generated virtually every minute, most enterprises employ DBMS software such as MySQL or Cassandra to store and analyze data. By opting to have an insight in DBMS, one will undoubtedly step on a ladder to a secure dream job as a Data Scientist.

Step-4 Learn Coding

Well-categorized data requires analysis, which can only be done if you can comprehend the script. A coder might be a data scientist, but a great data scientist is required to be a good coder. Therefore, to learn Data science requires you to begin with coding! One cannot be a great programmer or a data scientist until you figure out how to communicate with data.

Step-5 Master Skill in Data Munging, Visualization, and Reporting

Data Munging is the process required for converting raw data into a form that is easier to study, analyze, and visualize. Data visualization and its arrangement are an equally important set of skills that DS rely on, making it easy to manage and administer decisions taking data analysis.

Data Science

Step-6 Work on Real Projects

Post understanding the fundamentals from data science bootcamp; the next step is to sharpen your skills in a real-time environment. Opt for more and more projects to build your forte, along with zeroing on the areas that require brushing. Further, by working on projects, one can make a strong portfolio.

A polished portfolio will help you land your perfect dream job and a strong portfolio is the most crucial contributor for your job hunt. SynergisticIT’s online Data Science Bootcamp, for example, is designed to offer a project-based learning experience that helps candidates build an excellent portfolio of real-world projects. It is the way to stand out in the job market.

A word of advice, when applying for a data science position, opts to display your work in GitHub, in addition to your website. Showcase a range of your essential skills- start with a basic data set, define a problem, clean up, build a model, and find a solution.

Step-7. Build a network or join a community space

Data Scientists can benefit widely by working with a group of like-minded people. It is always beneficial to build a network or develop ideas by interacting with a community space. Several online community spaces and network associations can offer you solutions for problems or assist in designing newer solutions.

Step-8 Enhance Communication Skills

One key difference between a good and a great data scientist is communication skills. The majority of times, you would find yourself in rooms explaining your various data analysis findings to enterprises and clients that matter; ability to have a way with your words will always come in handy when tackling professional situations.

Step-9 Compete to Sharpen your Skills

As a data scientist, one must master several skills such as Python, SQL, and R. Consider the Python test is helpful for budding data scientists to sharpen their skills, find intuitive approaches and hone their skills. Consider a Data science certification and various competitions to sharpen your skills and excel in your career.

Step-10 Stay Up-to-Date With the Data Scientist Community

Several websites such as Data Science 101, DataTau, and KDNuggets can help you remain in sync with the happenings of the data science world and gain insight regarding the various job openings currently being offered in the field.

Leading Data Science Jobs

As Data Scientist touches various industries and disciplines, the role of Data scientists can fill under several names, including:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Researcher
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst

One may wonder,

Is Data Science a Growing Field?

Indeed, the Data Science field is the fastest-growing technology, with more than 2.7 million new jobs predicted to be created. As per a 2020 Digital Skills Survey, 89% of professionals believe that improving data skills will enhance success in organizations, and 78% consider AI is the technology that will have a significant impact in the coming years. Surely a data science training in CA can help make a move in this field.

Data Scientist Job

Salary of a Data Scientist- As per Glassdoor, a Data Scientist’s average salary of $1,15,516 annually in the US.

Can I become a Data Scientist with no experience?

Yes, it is certainly possible to become a data scientist with no job experience. Begin by considering an online data science bootcamp to learn the fundamentals such as Python, SQL, and Excel. Ensure the next step is learning fundamental essentials of data science –data collection and analysis, data modeling, data visualization, and tools for data visualization. Your online data science training camp will offer and help in using Python, R, and Hadoop. The next step would be to build models that analyze behavior, predict unknowns, and repackage data in a user-friendly form.

Are you considering a Tech braincamp for developing your skills? Opt for the best data science training in CA. Surely a skill enhancement and a strong portfolio will open rewarding opportunities for you.

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