Comparison between Bootcamps and Synergisticit

We have been asked for a long period of time as to what is the value proposition offered by Synergisticit vs Bootcamps vs Staffing/Consulting Companies vs Training Companies with Contracts.

To Highlight the differences we spoke to more than 30 Bootcamps and more than 1000+ alumni from each of the different Organizations offering their services for getting candidates a Job in the Tech industry. We did this over a period of more than 3 years and spent hundreds of man/woman hours to arrive at this. We obviously would blow our own trumpet but to be fair we tried to be as objective as possible.

Online sources used were . We also spoke to candidates by reaching out through . We collected feedback also through candidates and friends and colleagues of candidates who had gone through the process with the different companies.

We found one common factor that whenever someone posted a bad review for a specific Bootcamp or organization that review was pushed down below by a sudden influx of positive reviews which subdued the Bad review. This was specifically found to be the case with the 2 year employment Contract companies.

Another factor which we found that Bootcamps highlighted the developers who got great high paying jobs but they never gave details as to what percentage of enrolled candidates either dropped off or were not able to get an job offer after 6 months of trying on their own.

Also a disturbing trend was that after getting a job offer and completing the assignment the candidates struggled to find a job again. This can only be due to shallow coverage of Technology topics or not being trained on technologies which have relevance for a long term career.

One more type of Bootcamps are the payment deferral programs where the candidate pays the tuition fee once they get a job offer. The sad part is that even if the pay is as low as $45,000 per annum they still had to pay the training fees.

Lack of Marketing assistance was also a major concern as after everything was done in a rapid breakneck warp speed then the candidates were left to fend for themselves in most of the cases to find employment opportunities.

The Image given below illustrates the different points. We are open for feedback and suggestions if someone would like to share their own experiences please email us your bouquets and brickbats

Comparison between Bootcamps and Synergisticit

We at Synergisticit refer ourselves to as a Tech-Braincamp as we feel Bootcamps have a negative connotation to their name.

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