Most in-demand Tech Jobs for new grads in 2020

Tech industry is the most resilient employment sectors of US during the current pandemic. While other sectors have taken a hit due to lockdowns, technology companies continued to serve the nation and safeguard their earnings. Since many industries have shifted to remote work environment from online education to entertainment, it has affirmed the role of technology in sustaining adverse situations like Covid-19.

Tech companies are thriving at a faster pace, offering high salaries, perks, benefits, and remote positions to tech savvy. Employees are getting additional hiring incentives like laptops, headphones, work-life balance along with healthcare, retirement, & student loan repayment options.

Considering the ever-increasing demand for technology, one can perceive that the future of techies is bright. If you also want to start your career in IT, then you must know the most in-demand tech jobs which are ruling 2020 and will continue to flourish in the coming years. 

Rate of U.S. Job Losses Since Covid-19- Tech Less Impacted

Most in-demand Tech Jobs for the Job Seekers

Let’s take a look at the best tech jobs for 2020 you must consider to gain lucrative positions:

  • Java Developer– The US job market is flooded with the demand for Java Developers. The Java developers design high-volume & low-latency applications to create user information system solutions. The core duties of Java developers include; writing specifications, developing, testing, implementing solutions, determining & defining user needs.
    • Java Developers must have the knowledge of database, SQL, OOP, ORM technologies, and core Java concepts.
    • In January 2020 approx. 69000 Java job openings were reported.
    • The salary range of Java Developers falls between $79.654 to $106,109. 
    • Java remains the one of the most popular programming languages with many prominent companies using it like LinkedIn, Google, Intel, Amazon, Android, etc. 
  • Data Scientist– The key responsibility of a Data Scientist is to collect, organize, evaluate, and interpret a complex volume of data to help organizations make informed decisions. The escalating number of Data Scientist jobs have raised up to 18,123 which shows no sign of declining further. CareerCast has rated Data Scientist as the top job in USA providing maximum job satisfaction, higher growth, and a median salary of $113,309 (as per Glassdoor).
  • To become a Data Scientist, you require the following skills:
    • A strong understanding of techniques like Pig, Hive & hands-on experience with machine learning algorithms.
    • It is indispensable for a Data Scientist to have proficient coding skills. He needs to be well-versed with at least one high-level programming language such as Python or Java to create data models.
    • Critical thinking is also an essential trait for this position. One should be able to identify businesses issues & provide appropriate solutions.

Companies Hiring Data Scientists

  • Data Engineer– A Data Engineer is someone who designs, builds, and maintains architectures such as large-scale processing system or database to manage Big Data. Data Engineers deal with unformatted data which contains some errors, and they are responsible to implement effective strategies to improve the quality of such data.
    • Data Engineers must have a good knowledge of Hadoop technologies, SQL, NoSQL, Python, C++, Java, Machine Learning, data-modeling tools, etc.
    • Also, a Data Engineer should be fluent in statistical analysis & modeling.
    • As per LinkedIn, there are more than 60000 Data Engineer job openings and it is the fastest growing tech occupations.
    • The average salary for a Data Engineer salary in the U.S. is $129,396.
  • Cloud Architect– A Cloud Architect oversees an organization’s cloud computing strategy, thereby deploys, manage, & supports cloud applications. Cloud Architects have a comprehensive understanding of multiple operating systems in addition to programming, security, and networking. Companies look to hire those Cloud Architects who have a thorough understanding of AWS or Azure cloud platforms.
    • A Cloud Architect must have the ability to develop cloud architectures.
    • Cloud Architect is of the most in-demand tech jobs in U.S. with more than 13000 openings at a pay scale of $94k -190k per year (LinkedIn).

Major Companies Hiring Data Architect during Lockdown

  • Machine Learning Engineers- The role of a Machine learning engineer is to perform statistical analysis, data modeling, fine tune test results, and implement machine learning/AI algorithms. This job position requires impeccable coding skills as well as proficiency in different programming languages such as Java or Python. Machine learning Engineers should have a good understanding of statistics & algorithms.
  • The average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in the US is $140,000 as per Indeed.
    • Also, Gartner recently claimed that there will be 2.3 million jobs in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by 2022.
    • Machine Learning Engineers is the fastest growing tech employment areas today.
  • Python Developer– Python is yet another popular and globally used programming language. Nowadays Python development has become one of most in-demand tech jobs. Under the position of a Python Developer, one is liable to create & test code for numerous applications & software systems. Python Developers plays a diverse role in which they have to work on web development, data mining, cloud computing, machine learning, and much more. They also need to update & evaluate programs on a daily basis.
  • As per the recent reports of Indeed, Python is the most in-demand programming language with the highest 74000 job postings in the January 2020 alone as depicted in the graph below.
    • The average salary of Python Developers is $120k per year or $56.75 per hour.
    • Learning Python enlarge a variety of career options.
  • Data Analyst- Big Data has certainly brought a high wave of tech jobs for the IT aspirants. An another in-demand job in the Big Data is of Data Analyst. The need for Data Analysts has surged because of the increasing volume of data generated by businesses. Companies look for skilled Data Analysts who got the competency to review, analyze, and interpret data.  Further, they need to ensure data accuracy and find the most optimum way to use the collected data.
  • With surge in the demand for Data Analysts, it is forecasted to be the most in-demand jobs by 2022.
  • A Data Analysts should be good with numbers and statistics. Also, he/she must ace SQL & Python.
  • The average salary of a Data Analysts is $76,232 in the U.S.
  • Full Stack developer- The Full Stack Developers are responsible for building complete websites or applications. They have the ability to tackle projects which requires development on the client side as well as on the server side. To become a Full Stack Developer, one needs to be competent in both frontend and backend languages, frameworks, in addition to the network, databases, server and hosting environments.
    • There is 20% more demand for Full Stack developers today as compared to the past few years.
    •  Full Stack developers are competent in various frontend technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, they also possess knowledge of backend like Python, Java, PHP, along with databases; MongoDB, SQL, etc.
    • The average salary of Full Stack Developers is $91,123 per year as estimated by PayScale, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed.


Now that you have discovered the most-in demand tech jobs in 2020, you got a head start to build a steady career in any of the above-listed occupations. However, you need to understand that despite having a large number of job openings, these positions require the necessary skills. So, you need to gain next-level skills and knowledge to secure a position for yourself as the market is raging with tough competition.

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