I’m looking for a job – can SynergisticIT help me?

A. Yes. SynergisticIT places people in three ways: direct placement, Training and then placement and Fast track training and placement

Q. I do not want training. Can Synergisticit directly place me on a project?

A. We would take a technical interview of Yours if you do great in the technical Interview we can directly place you. Remember We have to ensure our Clients get technically qualified candidates so that is why we do Technical evaluation to ensure Quality of candidates.

Q. In what types of jobs does SynergisticIT specialize?

A.We Specialize in working with clients who have ongoing need for Java J2EE candidates and Java Full stack developers

Q. What kind of background or skills do I need in order to get placed or trained with SynergisticIT?

A. You would need to have a M.S. or B.S. in Computer Science /Information Systems or a similar degree. If You have prior programming experience in School or College or in any previous project You would be given preference.

Q. What companies or types of companies does SynergisticIT Systems work with?

A.Our customers are Fortune 500- 1000, mid-market, and emerging companies. They represent a wide variety of industries, including banking, Telecom, wireless, education, consulting, technology, insurance, energy, and healthcare.

Q. How is Synergisticit Different?

A. This is a long list

Q. Will my resume be sent out to potential companies without my knowledge?

A. Never. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. We Discuss the Requirement with You before sending your resume to any Client.

Q. Would Synergisticit assist me if I have technical questions or problems while I am on a project?

A. Yes, for the duration you are working with us at one of our clients you would be provided remote assistance in understanding the project and the code.

Q. When on assignment, who is my employer?

A. SynergisticIT’s marketing partners would be your employer or otherwise if you source a full timejob or a contract job after training then the respective employer would be the one offering you the job.

Q. Does it cost me anything to work with SynergisticIT?

A. If training is needed Our training cost is $25,000.00 which can be paid upfront. Or if in certain cases if we place you at an assignment we can offer a salary and waive the training cost if you complete a certain tenure with us normally 18 months

Q. How much Do you charge for training?

A. Our training cost is $25000. A candidate provides us 10,000 when they join us and rest 15000 in installments once they get a project. In certain cases, we may take a refundable Security Deposit which is refunded to you if we are able to place you through our marketing partners who give us a commission to cover our training costs. An initial training payment is needed as You would be issued a laptop, books, using Computer lab, staying in Guest house.

Q. Would you assist me to file for my H1B and Green Card?

A. Yes, we would assist you in filing for your H1B and Green Card.

Q. Is Synergisticit Everified and can asssist me in 24-month STEM extension?

A. Yes Synergisticit would assist you in getting the 24 Months STEM extension. Please note: The new rules mandate that there is an Employer employee relationship established with control and reporting procedures between employer and employee during the tenure of employment. Form i983 has bought about changes which should be adhered to diligently to ensure compliance and remain in status.

Q. What kind of Salary and Benefits can I expect working with Synergisticit?

A. We Offer Salary and Benefits as per industry standards.
The Clients our candidates are working with
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